Friday, 6 June 2014

What you told us

We wanted to get to know you better. The internet can be an anonymous place where we never get to know each other. We wanted to learn about who our customers are and why they buy from us.

A survey was sent out with the May Newsletter. Subscribers get exclusive discounts and the chance to enter competitions and win Leaf Jewellery. If you haven't signed up yet, Join here.

Real Maple leaf gold brooch

A big thank you to all of those who completed the survey and entered the competition to win a real Oak leaf necklace in gold.  We learned:

Our leaf jewellery is sentimental to you
"my dad gave mum a maple leaf brooch 35 years ago and I though it was beautiful." Many told us about their personal connection to the leaf, tree or the actual jewellery.

We are passionate about our leaf jewellery. We have quality products that are unique and affordable.
The money we receive from your purchase is spent towards supporting woodland charities. We have previously sponsored the Woodland Trust and this year are sponsoring BCN Wildlife Trust. It's important that we give back. It is a significant cost but it's important to us. You recognise our passion and value it.

You decided to buy from us because you loved the website and insight into why we do what we do.
The personal touch of a small family business who love what they are doing really counts!

You want a wider range of leaves and finishes.
We are working on it!

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